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Astrology for the Soul


Astrology for the soul…

Astrology has long been used to attempt to find answers to our most burning questions. For over 2,000 years people have turned to the stars to ask about their fates. And one of the most often asked questions now is- when will I find my match?

Alas, astrology can’t really make those kinds of predictions. What it can help provide is answers to questions you have about, well, you. What are you struggling with, what strengths are hidden within you, what do you need to overcome or work on, where do you shine? In discovering more about yourself and understanding yourself, you begin to prepare yourself for another person so you can give fully and be your best self!

As far as Judaism goes, we aren’t really supposed to consult an astrologer. It’s forbidden in Torah. Our religious sages and texts instruct us to trust in G-d. Besides, whatever is written in the stars can be overcome with prayer, learning, and good deeds.

But Judaism also recognizes a key place for astrology. When spring comes around and Purim is almost upon us, we are instructed to “increase our joy.” The month of Adar is considered the most joyous in the Jewish calendar. It’s right around March. Conversely, in the month of Av around the time of Tisha b’ Av, many things are considered inauspicious, like legal contracts, marriages, business dealings, etc. It is a time of mourning for us. It’s typically in the month of August.

We can delve into a person much like we can delve into the Jewish year. Each year the same holidays are celebrated, but we experience them anew each time. Each Rosh Hashana, each Passover has its own vibe, its own place, its own memories. So too do we have similar events within our years, but so much changes from year to year. Through it all, are we learning what we need to learn, and growing in the way we all intuitively know we need to grow?

So if you’re interested in learning more about yourself, or how you interact as a couple once you’ve found your match, we can help! We offer Astrological Insights with Jess Kagan.

Kagan has been studying astrology for years. One summer when she was 15 years old, her mom sent her a care package to her sleep away camp. Inside were several goodies and some magazines. One was about Astrology. “I opened it up to my sign out of curiosity and couldn’t believe a book knew more about me than any one I had ever met,” Kagan recalled. “It’s become a hobby, and just when I think I’ve learned so much, I found out how much more there is to know!”

Kagan is very cautious however. It is critically important that any potential clients understand she cannot tell you your future. It’s not only forbidden according to Jewish law, it’s just not wise. This process is about helping you understand what makes you tick, succeed, and what’s blocking you, as an individual or as a couple. She can also help you understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie and provide grounded, realistic approaches to help you navigate the information you receive. And, as Kagan likes to say, “there is no such thing as a bad sign.”

Contact Jenny Apple if you’d like to get in touch with Jess for a consultation.

**NOTE: Jess is not licensed or accredited by any astrological agency.

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