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Trump Talk Ruined Your Date?

Have you ever been so turned off by your date's political views that you just can't imagine seeing them again? Many millennials and other couples are now divorcing over this issue and I would love to know how many of you find yourself in the same position or have been this way on a date. My boyfriend Andrew and I differ on politics slightly- he is more left-leaning and I am more conservative with social liberal views, but even if we disagree, I still respect his right to share his opinions with me even if I don't see eye to eye with him and we always end up laughing about it or at very least coming to terms with the fact that we are open enough to listen to one another on most topics and if we ever have a disagreement, it stays at that and doesn't get ugly or nasty. Have any of you had a partner who was the complete opposite politically? I know there are some couples out there who value the same things but see the world differently, so I am wondering if any of you would like to share with us an upcoming video blog on this topic or just comment below!!

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