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Words of Praise

"I've met the most loving, supportive, handsome man who has been nothing but the best part of my life. Now I'm a lucky girl to be engaged to him. I'm on cloud 14!!! Thank you to Jenny for introducing us four months ago"  Ella (married May 2016)


"Jenny connected my fiancee and I and I obviously couldn't be happier with her selection. She gets to know her clients personally in order to accurately match them based on personality, common interests, and hobbies. I highly recommend Jenny's expertise!" Mike (married April 2016)


"Jenny is the best matchmaker in LA!"  Bobby 


"The minute I met Jenny I loved her positive energy! She knew exactly that Mike and I would make a great match! Now I am so grateful, she changed my life!"  Adva (married April 2016)


"Jenny Apple's a natural born connector. It's no wonder she's good at matchmaking! I feel very well taken care of with someone really caring about helping me find the right person. She made my stressful dating life become a lot cleaner and enjoyable!"  Arthur


"Jenny Apple's management style, enthusiasm, personality and professionalism are always a breath of fresh air when working on large events that would otherwise be full of stress. Jenny is a creative force that stays on top of all that needs to get done while simultaneously taking care of all the elements that no one thought of but her."  Erez


"I attended an event that Jenny organized and had such a good experience due to her creating a very comfortable and fun atmosphere. I found I really enjoyed myself and would definitely attend more events hosted by Jenny!"  Maya

"Jenny Apple is a dedicated organizer. She cares passionately about her projects and her excellent management ability is matched by her warmth!"  Marcus


"Jenny is a natural connector. With an ease, Jenny's innate social and interpersonal skills allows her to bridge high volumes of people together from all walks of life while having a smile on her face. Jenny's gift allows her to choreograph, synthesize and craft beautiful social scenes which enable the masses to feel comfortable in their own skin. She is a true talent!"  Rabbi Teller

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