Two Weddings in Two Months

In two weeks, I am attending the first of two weddings in two months of the couples we matched. They are two of the sweetest and most beautiful, earnest couples I have met and I am so excited for them to start their lives together.

I was so touched by the multiple ways that Ella (getting married in 2 weeks!!)) has thanked me any chance she gets- on social media, in person, and in front of others at her beautiful bridal shower. She is such a giving, intelligent, and kind woman and I know that they will be so happy together! I wanted to share with you all their story (with permission) from their beautiful wedding website and a post that made me tear up with joy and pride.

xo Jenny

From Ella & Eran's website:

our story

love story

On September 18, 2014, only four days after returning from a month long trip to Israel, Ella was invited by her friend Jenny Applebaum to participate in a Jewish speed-dating event. Ella arrived a few minutes before the event began. As she casually chatted with others, Ella noticed a handsome gentleman across the room. At the same moment, Eran noticed Ella as they met each other's glance! Noticing such a beautiful girl, Eran approached Ella.

The two engaged in conversation and within minutes realized they shared so much in common. Ella told Eran she was applying to business school in France, the same school Eran attended a few years back. Intrigued by their conversation, the two were disappointed when interrupted by the Speed-Date bell, signaling the start of the event.

The next hour passed slowly, as both Eran and Ella were introduced to various singles, both only thinking about when they would meet again. Surprisingly, Ella and Eran were paired last, allotted only three minutes before the bell would ring again to end the speed date event. As the minutes suddenly flew by, the two continued discovering more common threads they shared.

At the ring of the final bell, Eran took Ella's hand to introduce her to his friends Josh and Johnny. Thanks to Josh, he convinced Eran, the workaholic, to attend the speed date event.