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Helloo February! This Valentine's Day

Spending time with people you love is what matters on Valentine's Day. And every day. This year, instead of creeping and looking at your ex’s instagram pics or drinking whisky while watching Hulu Plus with your cats (just me?), here are some ideas to keep you out of the blues and remembering you don’t have a sickness called singledomitis. For all you adorable couples- yes we hate you. Enjoy time together and take the pressure off. Being grateful is the key to this lovely annual day filled with chocolate hearts and roses and overpriced pre-fixe menus. Here are some suggestions for you sexy singles:

  • Plan a girls night or friends night and do something you all enjoy like dinner, drinks, movies, rent a private karaoke room, bowling, game night, ping pong, strip bananagrams (you are such naughty spellers!).

  • Since Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday, did someone say bottomless MIMOSA brunch?! Yes please!

  • Offer to babysit for your sister so they can have a date night. Points for best sibling.

  • Get your sexy on. Dress up (or down) in your favorite ensemble and have a silly or serious photo shoot with your bestie/sister/puppy/neighbor.

  • Get up the courage to ask your crush out (worst they can say is no) without the pressure of going to a fancy restaurant unless that's your style. Suggest something more casual while making it special.

  • Visit a local destinations in your city that you've always wanted to see but keep putting off. Find out their hours and see what else is going on in the area that sounds like a good time (we have never been to the Broad- clearly need to stand in the weird dark or rain room and take a picture to prove we have culture here in LA).

And when all plans fail or fall through because of our flaky LA friends (bless their hearts), just own the day and have a romantic time for one.

  • Book a staycation, treat yourself to a well-deserved massage, cozy up with your favorite shows or book, and just RELAX.

But if you are feeling low, don't beat yourself up- watch some comedy or call someone who makes you laugh. Like Amy Schumer anything (obsessed) but also this.

Every day I hear a new story from my clients or someone in my network that they met someone amazing and couldn’t believe it. Make a list of what makes you happy, smile, and commit to being a more happy and fully alive person this year. When we are able to be real about what we enjoy and who we want to be, we attract similar people into our lives. So this year, have a phenomenal Valentine’s Day no matter where you are or who you are with, and take comfort with people who love and understand you.


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