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Looking for Love?

Welcome to our Daily Apple Love Blog! I have lived in Los Angeles for over 15 years and am so excited to finally live my dream of connecting Jewish singles! The first couple I set up were my inspiration to turn my passion into a career- they are engaged a year later and getting married in the spring of 2016.

We work with Jewish singles from all over Los Angeles who are generally between the ages of 25-45 years old, but we are open to all ages. Our clients and members are smart, successful, and attractive Jewish singles who are ready for a serious commitment and are positive and happy about dating and meeting someone special. If you are ready to find love, please fill out our form to apply for membership.

This blog will be a place for matchmakers and other love experts to help you navigate love, dating, relationships, and more. We encourage your feedback and would love to hear your stories of love and dating in LA. Hope to be able to answer some of your questions and give useful suggestions and tips!



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