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The Friend Zone

Moving from friend to more can be difficult. You are nervous and unsure if your efforts will be taken seriously. If at all possible, try to steer clear of friend zone before they get too comfortable with being a friend-- if your aim is to date of course.

Men- don't be shy. Know that your best assests are your brain and your sense of humor. Worst case scenario? She turns you down. Your ego is bruised but then your guessing game ends and you are freed to start attracting and pursuing other potential playmates! But be careful with physical advances- unless you know it is mutual or are on a second or third date, this can backfire. When a girl is 1) uninterested in a second date or a date at all or 2) is flattered but unready to get physical, you risk losing her. If you want to get to know her better, ask for her number, call her, and ask her out. Don't add her on facebook or text her. Be a gentleman and she will reciprocate what she wants without delay or games.

Women- men in your life may be attracted to you and if they haven't asked you out, chances are they aren't interested in something more or they are not sure you will reciprocate that advance. If you are flirtatious, touch their arm, laugh at their jokes and make yourself approachable, you are doing everything you should be and if he doesn't bite, he may not be the right guy for you. But it doesn't hurt to act confident and know your worth, dress and feel sexy (not trashy) and beautiful, and enjoy your time with friends instead of constantly worrying about attracting a man- positivity, a healthy mind and body, intelligence and confidence work wonders on their own.

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