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Frequently Asked Questions

Matchmaking FAQs
Do you work with a particular demographic?

Our services specialize in matching Jewish singles with a strong presence and home base in Los Angeles, California. However, singles from all backgrounds come to us as we are also a referral agency and connected in the industry at large. We are fortunate to have relationships with reputable and professional matchmakers across the U.S. and in Europe and Israel, and can travel to meet select clients. Our founder and lead matchmaker Jenny (Apple) Jacobs has over ten years of experience working in the Jewish community connecting young professionals and singles.


Our clients range in age. They are intelligent, balanced, attractive, and successful professionals. All levels of observance are welcome- our members range from secular to traditional to modern orthodox. Our clients seek extraordinary, committed relationships leading to marriage and want to meet attractive partners with depth and character. You are welcome to fill out a free, private application for membership and it will be reviewed by one of our matchmakers.

Do you offer online dating coaching and can you help me with my profile?

Yes we do and yes we can! We started offering date coaching in 2018 and online dating coaching and assessment in 2020, and are so excited to help you attract the partner of your dreams! Email Jenny to book coaching.

Are you a dating service?

We are not a dating service or site. Singles who come to us are typically frustrated with online dating and are looking for a more personal experience and a matchmaker who saves them time and provides them with quality introductions and coaching. We work one on one with our select clients and invest time in recruiting and screening candidates. People we serve want to find lasting love.


How much do you charge?

We are a boutique agency - not everyone who applies will become a private client. We know how hard you work and are thrilled you recognize the value in our personalized services. Our standard packages are designed to set you up for successful dating. If you’re interested in learning more, we welcome singles to apply directly on our site or send us an email here. Once we determine eligibility and that it would be a good fit for us to work together, our fees will be disclosed during our initial phone call. Our rates are in line with standard private matchmaking services in the U.S. and we can provide references at our discretion.


How can I apply?

You can find our application here.


How do people find out about your services?

Word of mouth referrals are the most popular way people hear about us! We love referrals from friends and family! Oftentimes, singles find out about us online or through social media, or we meet them at various events and functions in town.


Are you like Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker?

Once we have our own Bravo show, we’ll get back to you! Patti is very straightforward and we are grateful she has paved the way for recognition of modern-day matchmakers, but we are a smaller agency working with a more select group of singles.


How can I meet other quality singles in my city?

We hope you meet your bersheret and are happy to have a private one on one consultation with you to make personal recommendations and give advice and coaching. Book an individual session here.


We are a big fan of meeting through matchmakers, friends, online dating (use our coaching or at least carefully screen and post great pics!), saying yes to invitations, exploring what you love in your city and new events, and carefully screening online potentials. Shabbat dinners, interesting lectures, and friend’s parties are other great ways to meet someone special. Try to always look and feel your best. Positive, happy people tend to make a great first impression.


How do you match people?

Once you are a healthy-minded individual that knows yourself and your emotional needs, we make introductions based on four of our solid main criteria, physical and personal compatibilty, and a sixth sense. ;)


Have you made any matches?

Yes! We are so happy to share that the couples that got engaged and the many more couples who have met and started dating through our services are together and even expecting a child now! We are lucky to be in this business and grateful for the trust our clients have in us.


How big is your database?

Our database is growing every day with attractive, intelligent and wonderful singles. We are selective and thus, our database reflects this specialty. We are always on the lookout for amazing singles, so spread the love and invite your friends to apply for a free and private membership. We are also partnered with other matchmakers around LA and the world in order to better serve the wide variety of clients we cater to.


Do you host any events?

Yes we do- we love events! Not as often as we like, but we do host exquisite social and educational events including speed dating parties, upscale mixers, and insightful expert-led panels and seminars. If you’re interested in attending one of our upcoming singles retreats or seminars, let us know!


Do you provide any other services?

Please inquire about private date coaching, style and image consultations, online dating makeovers, date planning and photography services. A popular option is our individual coaching and mentoring sessions.


Why should I use a matchmaker?

When you are ready to find someone special, getting introduced by matchmaker is a very pro-active approach. Your privacy is taken seriously, as well as your preferences and desires. Your matchmaker hand selects matches to complement your lifestyle and values, and sets you up for success by meeting with you to discuss the process and getting to know you better. Offering feedback and support goes a long way. 


How does this work once I am selected as a potential client?

If you’re one of our incredible clients, we will arrange a time to sit down with you in a personal setting to ask you questions about yourself, what you are looking for, and more about your background and your ideal partner. Once we agree to work together, we look through our database and make introductions based on the most compatible matches. You will be briefed on our detailed process during the in-person interview.


I have dated other Jews in my city. Can you ensure I meet new people?

It is quite rare, but we understand this could happen and don't want to set you up with someone you have already met. Just tell us and we will make sure to arrange a new introduction! We are constantly meeting new people and have a growing database, as well as other resources for meeting singles, so don't worry- we are excited about the diverse range of our members.

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