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Dating Bootcamp & Coaching Session

Your Virtual Dating Coach and Love Agent


Who should book this session? And Why?


  • You are frustrated because you are not yet attracting the love you truly desire into your life.

  • You are not sure why you are getting rejected or can’t seem to find the right people to date.

  • You either lack the confidence or have enough confidence, but still want to take a proactive approach to ensure you have every tool and resource to gain the SKILLS, CLARITY and SUCCESS for your dating life.

 "Jenny, I'm ready to book my session." Click here.

Where does the session take place? 


Your 1 – 1 ½ hour Dating Bootcamp/Coaching Session will take place from the comfort of your home via Zoom or a Phone Call


What does my session include? What can I expect?


  • A friendly and experienced, caring expert Matchmaker and Dating Coach working with you and learning about you and empowering you with the skills and clarity you need to attract your desired partner into your life. 

  • A complimentary profile review and feedback

  • Practical tips and guidance catered to your needs and personality

  • Introductions sent personally to include you in exclusive databases of matchmaker colleagues across the US and Israel and the opportunity to be matched for free with their clients


You will learn: 

  • How to Identify your wants, needs and VALUES and highlight the top non-negotiable needs

  • What YOU bring to the table and to a relationship and how to be proud of those traits

  • What the ONLY formula is for a HEALTHY, LONG-LASTING relationship

  • If your mentality and perspective is causing you success or harm and if you are utilizing vulnerability

  • How to manage your approachability, outward appearance, and confidence - 

Improve your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual/Situational well-being

  • How to create your own opportunities to meet more single men or women and WHERE to find more eligible matches who are actually the right fit for you


Optional services: 

Virtual Mock Date: Receive a recorded session, get instant feedback on your dating style, dress/outfit choice, background and how to date better virtually and in person.


Coaching on the Go: Get quick answers to your last-minute questions that come up during dating – what to say to the text message, how to reply and what things mean.


Professional Photography and/or Styling: Ensure your profiles for matchmakers and on dating sites stand out and aren’t being passed up because your photos are not recent. Receive professional, natural and beautiful images you keep to bring out your best features. We will set you up with our talented and experienced photographers or stylists for your pictures and date night outfits.

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